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Signage System

Identification, Wayfinding, and Interpretive Wayside

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

Ligonier, Pennsylvania

The 200 Mile Roadside Museum

The Lincoln Highway, stretching from New York City to San Francisco, is the nation's first coast‐to‐coast highway. In Pennsylvania, it is known for the most part as Route 30. Initiated in 1913, the Lincoln Highway sparked popular imagination and fostered the growth of automobile tourism. The mission of the nonprofit Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor is to identify, conserve, promote, and interpret the cultural, historical, natural, recreational, and economic resources along the historic Lincoln Highway in Pennsylvania's Westmoreland, Somerset, Bedford, Fulton, Franklin, and Adams Counties. The goal of the Heritage Corridor's 200 Mile Roadside Museum is to engage motorists throughout the course of their journey with an auto‐oriented, regional landscape interpretation. For more information, visit www.lhhc.org.

1717 was selected to establish the heritage corridor's visual brand (logo and graphic standards), a folding brochure to solicit interest and support for the new 200 Mile Roadside Museum, and a system of environmental elements including interpretive waysides, orientation signage, wall plaques, site markers, and murals.